Saturday, July 11, 2009

Planning for Your Wedding Flowers

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful and hectic time. Planning for your wedding flowers doesnt have to be stressful though. With proper notes, clear lists of likes and dislikes and thoughtful organization, your wedding flower planning can be alot smoother and comfortable thank you may think. You may want to check out a service like Angies List - Planning the perfect wedding? Find the best local wedding services providers with unbiased reviews at Angie’s List - Check the list!

Here are some Helpful Floral tips on organizing your wedding flowers to make the process run more efficiently.

What do you need the flowers for - How many arrangements/peieces do you need ?
Do you need Bouttioneeres ? Corsages ? How many do you need. Do you need tablecenters? How big and how many ? Do you need Pew Markers ? Do you need floral garlands or floral arches ? Do you need a toss away bouquet ? Many florist give a toss away bouquet free of charge as an incentive to book your wedding flowers with them.

Do you have a budget ? Do you have a certain price range you are aiming for ? Or is money not a concern. If you have a certain budget for your wedding flowers it is a good idea to speak with the florist and let them know that you would like to stay within a certain price range. Most florist will be happy to work with you in meeting your financial budget and will be realistic with you in what you can or can not afford based on your budget.

What color tones do you want? It might be a good idea to look in some wedding magazines to find the color tones for your wedding flowers. Cut out samples, start a wedding flower diary or notebook and post samples and swatches, of magazine cut outs and materials so that you can bring it in for the florist to get a good creative image of what you want your wedding flowers to look like.

Do you have a theme or a certain style you want. ? Some people want to stick with a certain style , for example you may want the flowers to be country style, romantic style, modern style, simplistic style, chic and vibrant, or traditional etc.

Do you want to use your own vases/containers or do you want the florist to provide them. Many florist will provide on loan wedding containers for you . These vases/containers can be used for your wedding flowers on loan. They must be brought back and returned undamaged after the wedding. This can greatly reduce the cost and help you stick with your floral budget. Of course you would have to pay if any of the vases were broken or damaged.

Time and Location
Before calling your florist you should have the date , time and location ready.
You need to know where and when you want your flowers delivered. What time can the flowers arrive or do you want to pick up your wedding flowers on your own.
Many florist offer one free wedding delivery as an incentive to book your wedding with them.

Availablility - Depending on the season and the location of your wedding certain flowers may or may not be readily available. If you are picky on the type of flower you must speak with you florist to find out if the flower can be guaranteed. It is a good idea to ask your florist about substitutions. You should find out what a good subsitute would be for that particular flower or if there are similar looking flowers that can be used in case that flower is not available.

Choosing your florist - You may be frightful of choosing a florist, many brides have hard horror stories of wedding flowers gone bad. But have no fear - flowerdeliveryexpress is here - You may want to go with a florist network like flowerdelivery express. They have network of over 75000 florists . They will help you find a reputable wedding florist in your area.
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These are just a few tips to help you get started on planning your wedding flowers (with our without a budget)
By folling the tips above you will be able to streamline your wedding flower experience and make it easier on yourself and your florist when you have clear ideas and directions for your wedding flowers.


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