Thursday, July 9, 2009

What is FTD

FTD - Essentially, FTD is a “wire service” that connects 50,000 floral shops all over the world, enabling them to transfer flower orders from florist to florist via telephone and computer. FTD Stands for Florist Transworld Delivery.
Since flowers don’t last forever, it’s not practical to actually ship flowers to a remote location. Instead, a shop in one location takes an order and has it delivered by another florist in the FTD network close to the delivery location. This guarantees 100% satisfaction for freshness and quality. Any store in the FTD network, can help customers place orders virtually anywhere in the world—and with the guarantee of FTD quality.A Full Service location can receive, fill, and deliver orders from other locations in addition to sending them. Also, Full Service locations usually have access to the computerized Mercury Network, which makes sending and receiving orders quick and easy.

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