Monday, June 29, 2009

Canada Organic Flowers

Toronto Eco-Flora offers wild crafted, organic, certified organic and fair trade cut flowers, made into beautiful bouquets or arrangements for any occasion. We use both locally sourced and imported products with no added floral chemicals. Delivery anywhere Greater Toronto area.

Eco Flora

Now you can send flowers that are wildcrafted, organically grown, or fairly traded anywhere in the Toronto area.
Each design will be unique to the individual, the occasion and the flowers on hand.
Eco Flora will combine the best of contemporary floral design with flowers, containers and packaging that are both ecologically sensitive and socially conscious.
They specialize in weddings and special events. They can help you to create the wedding or party of your dreams with the knowledge that you are helping people halfway around the world and helping preserve the environment here at home.

Grower's Specials up to $10 off!

Buy Gourmet Organic Chocolates at Organic Bouquet

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Organic flowers and Gourmet Delivery

Founded as a small, family farm, Jacobs Farm remains committed to organic farming... benefiting people and the environment for generations to come. Over sixty varieties of herbs and edible flowers grace our northern California coastal farmlands.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Organic Flowers Links and Organic Fruit Links

Get up to $10 off on eco-flowers and gifts! Check our Grower's weekly for updated offers on organic bouquets.

Organic Flowers & Gourmet Gifts

10% Discount on all Gift Baskets from Organic Bouquet.

Shop our exclusive collection of eco-friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

Free 2 piece organic chocolates with the purchase of any Easter tulips, lilies or gerber daisies! Offer expires 04/30/2009.

Grower's Specials up to $10 off!

Grower's Specials up to $10 off!

Featuring SeaBreeze Organic Flowers

Today I have found another organic flower and organic fruit and gourmet florist, they are called Flowers by the sea and they are located in Elk CA
Flowers by the Sea is dedicated to growing and shipping cool growing orchids, using state-of-the-art Biodynamic production methods that are both technologically advanced and environmentally sound. Seabreeze's Signature Bouquets come in 2 sizes, Medium & Extra Large Bouquets
The concept of CSA at Seabreeze Organic Farm seeks to benefit both parties. The mild San Diego climate, affords the ability to produce a wide range of products, specializing in vegetables (especially the greens), flowers, some fruit (trees mature more each year), herbs, and a small well-tended flock of chickens and ducks. Year round. We strive to purchase from organic growers (locally first) for a wider selection of products for our Green Store.
Check out for more information about organic flower delivery and organic gourmet or fruit delivery, or organic gift delivery.

<a href="" target="_top">Get up to $10 off on eco-flowers and gifts! Check our Grower's weekly for updated offers on organic bouquets.</a>
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<a href="" target="_top">Send Organic Flowers & Gourmet Gifts - from $29.95</a>
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today Featuring "Diamond Organics" Flowers and GIfts

Diamond Organics is located in Moss Landing, California. They have a huge variety of Organic gifts including, organic flowers, organic wine, organic gourmet, organic fruit, organic vegetables, organic sampler gift packs as well as organic spa baskets and organic personal care baskets. The selection of organic flowers , gourmet and gifts is amazing !
The truth is, the flower industry is one of the heaviest users of agricultural chemicals and over 60% of fresh-cut flowers sold in the U.S. are imported from countries whose environmental standards are much more lax than ours. In some cases, chemicals banned in the U.S. are used in other countries and find their way back here through imported flowers, fruits, and vegetables. According to a number of recent studies, roses can contain up to 50 times the amount of pesticides that are legally allowed on the food we eat.
Their organic flowers are grown exclusively by America's organic flower farmers in California and Hawaii.
Organic farming practices build sustainable soil fertility which deeply nourishes plants, giving them more concentrated, intense flavor and nutritional power. When you buy organic, you support a growing family of people whose goal it is to provide the tastiest and most nutritious food available, now and for generations to come.

Another Great Organic florist !
Send Organic Flowers & Gourmet Gifts - from $29.95

Petite Bouquets for only $19.95

Friday, June 26, 2009

Featuring "Organic Bouquet"

Today I am featuring another organic florist/ online organic florist.
Organic Bouquet
is located San Francisco CA. They feature Organic flowers, plants, gourmet and wreaths.Organic Bouquet
,partners with artisans and growers who adhere to rigorous U.S. and international standards of sustainability. They obtain products from companies who provide safe and just working conditions and a livable wage. And, in a continuous effort to tread a little lighter on the planet, are always aiming to improve. They are USDA Certified which means that among other things they use of sustainable farming techniques that rely on natural systems of production, pest management, and weed and fungal control, such as: cover cropping, composting, beneficial insect release, crop rotation, and prohibited use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It also prohibits the use of toxic and persistent chemicals commonly found in industrial pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. The purpose of organic agriculture is to enrich the soil, minimize damage to ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, and maintain environmental quality. One interesting fact about Organic Bouquet
is they have a section of organic flower arrangements dedicated to charities go to and click flowers , then click -flowers for good - Here you will see a selection of organic flower arrangements established to help non-profit partners continue to make positive changes in the work they do. Choose from any one of the charitable bouquets and 5% of your purchase will go toward making the charity noted. I think this is a wonderful business practice, if all business did this this world would be a different place. Organic Bouquet
has a great website,lots of organic flowers, they offer eco-points and they have a section to track your order online. I would defintely consider ordering from this company.
They even offer a Organic flower delivery coupon for $10 dollars off.

Petite Bouquets for only $19.95

Get up to $10 off on eco-flowers and gifts! Check our Grower's weekly for updated offers on organic bouquets.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Featuring Organic California Flowers

Today I am featuring an organic florist business called California Organic Flowers. delivers beautiful certified organic flowers, roses, gifts and fruit next day anywhere in the United States. Hydro packed for guaranteed freshness. Flowers grown on their own farm in Chico CA.
They offer next day delivery of organic farm grown flowers within Chico and the continental United States.
Their main source of soil fertility is legume cover crops which provide nitrogen, micro nutrients and organic matter. A plant that is able to feed itself from rich balanced soil builds strong cell walls that are able to repel insects. Secondly the cover crops provide habitat for beneficial insects which keep populations of pests very low.
They are a small family run farm with an all women farm crew.
On their website they offer beautiful organic bouquets of flowers such as Dahlias, Lily’s, Sunflowers and Lisianthus that start under $50 dollars. I have to say that the organic Dahlia’s look absolutely magnificent , the color is so vibrant and the blooms look very full and large.
They hand delivery all their Chico CA orders and for all other orders they use FEDEX overnight delivery.they believe in providing flowers that are in season and therefore the freshest possible. Therefore, your actual bouquet may differ from the one appearing on the website , which is a bit of a concern for me , but I guess that’s the part of the compromise for having organic farm fresh flowers delivered. The farm land used is Certified Organic by CCOF and USDA. Occasionally they feature organically grown flowers and products from other growers, and in those cases the product description and origin will be clearly stated before ordering. I would suggest reading the delivery policy and return and exchange policy as they have very specific details about that the recipient must be home etc.
This seems like a very nicely run organic florist farm.


I am increasingly getting more calls and requests for information about organic florist or Organic Flowers & Gourmet Gifts
. That is a florist that makes Organic Flowers & Gourmet Gifts
that are not sprayed with chemicals or pesticides, or growth hormones, or preservatives. Organic florist also usually focus on local grown flowers and fair trade as well as the manner in which the Organic Flowers & Gourmet Gifts
are produced should be enviromentally friendly and socially responsible.

I will be featuring organic/environmentally friendly florist andOrganic Flowers & Gourmet Gifts
all this week. Please feel free to contact me, comment or leave any suggestions or information about organic flowers, and organic florist and gardening if you like.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

24 Hour Flowers - Is it true

I have always been interested in the concept of 24 hour flowers. I dont know how it works. I dont know how they could promise delivery all hours of the day but I have searched all over the internet and there are many who call themselves 24 hour florist but when you call or check the website it states that they only have 24 hour ordering not actually 24 hour delivery. But here is one in North Carolina,
This is very interesting , it appears to be a fresh flower vending machine

it is at the RDU Ralleigh-Durham Airport in North Carolina
Fresh flowers are located in Terminal A on the ticketing level and in baggage claim areas. In Terminal C, flowers are located on the walkway to the security checkpoint and in the baggage claim area.

This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, accepting cash and credit for your convenience

There is another florist in Singapore that I found who do say that they do 24 hour delivery. The website is

Flower Scams

Some unscrupulous marketing firms are posing as local florists - Watch Out !

Flower rip-offs

Some unscrupulous telemarketing firms are posing as local florists - Watch Out!

Try Flower shop network A Network Of Real, Individually Owned Flower Shops! Not A Service Bureau!

Is Your Local Florist Really Long Distance?

Flowers are a great way to celebrate a birthday, cheer up a sick friend, or simply brighten someone’s day.

Your local florist is just a phone call away, or so you think. Some unscrupulous telemarketing firms are posing as local florists, charging you higher fees and taking business away from legitimate florists in your town.

Here’s how the deception works.

A telemarketer takes out a bogus listing in the white pages of your telephone directory or spams the Internet with made up flower shop names. The company may use your town’s name in its own to make you believe it’s local.

Or, the name of a legitimate local florist may be listed with a different local phone number. For example, Minneapolis Florists.

When you call, you’re unknowingly forwarded to an out-of-town telemarketing operation.

The telemarketer takes your order and credit card information for payment, and forwards your order to an area florist.

The telemarketer pockets a processing fee and a percentage of the sale as well.

You don’t realize you have been scammed until you get higher than expected charges from an out-of town company on your credit card statement, or learn that the flowers weren’t delivered as ordered, or worse, were never delivered at all.

How to Protect Yourself

Follow these tips before you order your next pot of posies so that you do not get bloomin mad!

Ask neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers for recommendations.
Deal only with shops that list a street address with their phone number. If you are asking directory assistance for a number, also ask for the street number and address. If there isn’t one, consider doing business with another florist.
Ask the florist to itemize the charges. In addition to the price of the arrangement, most florists charge a delivery fee and taxes if you live in the same state.
Ask the florist for directions to the shop. If they hesitate or refuse, consider this a red flag, and avoid doing business with the florist.

Ask the florist if they can deliver to other cities, pick one in advance, on the other side of the country. Ask them if they can deliver this them selves or do they have to "wire it out" - Then ask them if they have to "wire out the order you are calling to place. Ask them if they charge a convenience fee or service charge - No Local Flower Shop Will Ever Charge This Type Of Fee For A local Delivery! If you are suspicious, move on to another shop. Be especially careful of Internet florists
Check out the florist you’re considering with the local Better Business Bureau and consumer protection officials in your area. Or, if you’re ordering flowers from a local shop in another city or state, contact the consumer protection officials there. Ask if they have any unresolved consumer complaints on file. Also ask them to verify the street address.
When a Rose is a Ruse:

What to Do If You’ve Been Scammed:

If you placed an order through a wire service, a toll-free number, or a local florist, call the toll-free number of the florist and describe the problem. Many wire services will work with the filling florist to fix the problem or refund your money.

If your arrangement was never delivered, and you paid by credit card, you can dispute the charges with the card issuer.

Make sure the bill is not more than you bargained for!

Present a Unique Flower Delivery

When ordering flowers the least thing you would want your bouquet to be is for it to look just like everyone else’s. Yet lack of time, a good old habit makes you select the same round arrangements of red roses for every occasion? Sticking with what works is a good point. But not when you want to impress, please or fascinate.

Thus a bouquet can consist of jus one sort of flowers – roses, lilac or tulips. The blooms can be any color and the arrangement itself might contain no decoration other that green leaves. “Florinda” is made of yellow calla lilies and bright juicy leaves, the same pattern is used for “Hydrangea” a bring combination of pink, rosy, purple and blue hydrangeas and “Caramel” deliciously pink roses surrounded by dark greenery.

Another “simple”, but impressive way to present a flower would be a mono-bouquet – a composition of just one flower decorated with some green leaves. Roses, calla lilies, orchids are proved to play great solos.

Flower arrangements can be very different in colors. Monochrome bouquets are full of harmony and are especially attractive if they are a combination of different species of the same tone. If you prefer elegant designs you will love our “Spring tulips”, “Versal” or “And could you…”. You can choose to go for a brave combination of colors – purple, white, yellow and red in “Spring bouquet”, pink and yellow in “Alexandra”, purple and yellow in “Debut”. You have to be careful with mixing bright colors as it might not always work out the way you expected. If plan to you enjoy the feast of colors it’s always better to trust the job to a professional florist, especially if you are thinking to use more than two colors for the flower arrangement.

Bouquets can differ in shapes greatly. Regular round-shaped arrangements are good, but not always the best. Lilac, lilies-of-the-valleys, tulips, mums don’t have to be tied up tightly. Moscow florists at often would let the blooms go loose revealing their natural beauty when they are placed in a vase. Sometimes the shape of the flower or the green leaves would require certain shape of the arrangement which will make them look even more appealing. “My queen”, “Samba”, “Valley of the bees” and “Bumble-bee’s flight” are good examples of this type arrangement. If you are looking for a business bouquet, we would recommend simple linear shaped ones, you can choose from “Still life”, “Podium”, “Milky way” or “Protea”.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flowers and The Meanings of Flowers and Colors

Working in the florist industry I get asked this question alot - What are the meaning of flowers. Below I have listed different flower types and their meanings hopefully this will help you choose what type of flowers you will choose for your flower delivery.

Good Luck Flowers - Bells of Ireland, Bamboo, Iris, Peony, Lotus, Chrysanthemum and Plum blossom are flowers that symbolize good luck, fortune and wealth.

Beauty Flowers- Magnolia, Roses, Amarylis,Lily Symbolize Beauty and Grace

Love Flowers, Tulips, Roses (especially Red),Lilac, Pink Carnation, Forget-me-Not, Myrtle
and in general a bouquet of red blooms represents love also.

Innocence Flowers- Freesia , White Daisy, Babies Breath - and in general white represents Innocence and Purity

Friendship Flowers - Yellow Roses, Alstromeria - A bouquet of Yellow flowers represents Friendship

Admiration Flowers - Heather, Red Carnation

Hospitality Flowers - Anthirium

Flowers of Health - Iris , Sunflower - Both Iris and Sunflower Represent strength and health.

If you are unsure or in doubt about the type of flower and its meaning you may use this general chart below. Each color represents a feeling and emotion.

BLUE- The pale blue hues of a hydrangea or the deep blues of an iris can calm worries and preoccupation representing peace, openness, and serenity, fresh floral arrangements filled with blue flowers offers a cooling antidote to anxiousness.

PINK -Think pink and you think of grace, gentility, and happiness. Regardless of the shape of the flower – from the tight, small buds of a pink garden rose to the delicate, open petals of a pink caellia in full bloom – pink blossoms convey youth, innocence, and joy.

PURPLE - With its origins tied to royalty and ceremony, purple flowers represent dignity, pride and success. Whether grouped alone in a bold range of rich hues or mixed in with other colors to provide depth and contrast, an arrangement filled with purple blooms represents accomplishment and admiration.

RED _There’s an indisputable energy to the color red – an energy that has the power to transform an otherwise unassuming flower into the essence of desire, strength, and passionate love. With beauty, courage and heat as its symbolism, it’s no surprise that a bouquet filled with rich, red blooms knows no restraint.

WHITE - Often associated with innocence, humility, and reverence, white flowers evoke simple beauty. Whether they take their shape as the luxurious, silk petals of fragrant gardenias, the small, white bells of a lily of the valley, or the quiet drama of a dozen white roses, fresh floral arrangement dominated by white blossoms conveys modesty and elegance. .

YELLOW There’s a good reason why it can feel all but impossible to refrain from smiling when you spot a bouquet of bright daffodils or a pot filled with sun-drenched chrysanthemums–the color yellow evokes feelings of joy and lightheartedness. Also a symbol of friendship, a bouquet bursting with yellow blooms sends a message of new beginnings and happiness.

ORANGE - There’s nothing bashful about the color orange–its message is clear and blatantly proud. Symbolizing energy, enthusiasm, and warmth, an arrangement of blooms in this vibrant color conveys confidence, satisfaction and a passion for life.

GREEN - Synonymous with nature–and the perfect complement to any other bloom–the color green represents health, resilience, good fortune and youth. Whether used to throw together a diverse mixture of shapes and hues or as a restful tone-on-tone bouquet, green flowers send a message of optimism and renewal.

LAVENDER - While purple is the color of royalty, and pink the color of youth, lavender is femininity all grown up. Representing refinement, grace, and elegance, lavender holds an almost sacred place in nature—with violet flowers often considered the most delicate and precious. An arrangement filled with these genteel blossoms send a message of feminine beauty.

Monday, June 22, 2009

High Style Florist Choice

While flowers are always a special gift, in the hands of a truly imaginative designer, they can become magical, evoking a whole new world of emotion and appreciation. When ordering flowers sometimes its a good idea to tell them to offer you a designers choice high style arrangement. A high style floral arrangement has unique characteriestics to it that are magnetic to anyone who passes by. Designers love the chance to use there imagination and create something exotic and stunning.
Here are some examples of high style floral arrangements.

Alternatives to Flower Deliveries

Gift Baskets, Gourmet Baskets, Spa Baskets or Custom Basket are a great alternative to flower deliveries. Maybe you know somebody who deserves something special , a birthday, an anniversary , a thank you , or a get well. You may get tired or bored of sending flowers , or you want to give them a gift they can actually use. Well gift baskets are a great alternative. Many online florist deliver fruit and gourmet baskets as well. Custom baskets are a very thoughtful gift, perhaps you have a grandfather, uncle, boyfriend, brother, or father who is really into golf. You could make up a custom Golf Gift Basket - pick up a couple of golfing magazines, some golf socks, some golf Tee's , a few golf balls, maybe a golfing book, along with a water bottle and some additional snacks or other goodies and you have a golfers dream basket. Custom gift baskets such as this run from about $50- $200 dollars depending on the size and quanitity. Fruit baskets are also a nice alternative to flower deliveries. Most flower shops are able to do a fruit basket for same day delivery .Fruit baskets are a nice treat because they are fresh and tasty and the recipient of the fruit basket has a lovely edible gift that they can enjoy and/or share with friends. Fruit baskets run from about $40 dollars to $200 dollars also depending on the size and quantity. You can never run out of gifts just keep gift baskets in mind when thinking of gift ideas. When in doubt - a flower delivery of fresh cut flowers always brings a smile!

Summer Flower Delivery Tips

Looking for inexpensive, easy-to-get flowers for the summer? Check out our list of summer's best blooms for bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations..

Summer's best bets in the flower market are colorful, hearty blooms from the lily, orchid, daisy, and dahlia families that burst onto the scene with warmth and grace. No matter which you choose, each of these summer flowers is bursting with decorating potential and a delivery of fresh summer flowers is sure to make someones day.

Calla Lilies
These funnel-shaped, elegant flowers aren't really a flower at all, but a large horn-shaped extension of the stem, called a spathe, which ranges from 6" to 9" in length. Most available from March through June, they come in a small variety of colors that range from pure white to orange to dark magenta. Currently very popular flowers for wedding bouquets, also use this dramatic flower as the focal point of centerpieces, or singly for bridesmaids to carry..

Dendrobium Orchids
Send These delicate, six-petaled beauties dendrobiums are tropical flowers of summer that are least expensive during the months from April to August. Available in a variety of colors from simple to truly exotic, dendrobiums are also a long lasting flower. Send a flower delivery of Dendrobium Orchids and your recipient will be raving for days.

Available in a variety of rich colors and easiest to get in the summer and early fall, these full-bodied blooms laden with petals are great stock flowers for centerpieces, vased arrangements or simply float one in a clear bowl for a stylish decor to your home. Dalias are available from most florist in the summer months and you can order dahlias online too.

Blooming from May to July, these classic flowers represent hope, purity, and innocence. Whether mixed with greens in a bridal bouquet, placed in vases for airy centerpieces, or hand-tied in colorful bouquets for delivery, add the joy of daisies to your summer or for that special someone.

Daisy's spiny-bloomed cousin is also most readily available during the long, hot months of summer. This airy flower with narrow petals comes in a much wider range of color than the classic daisy, and looks beautiful in bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations..

Baby's Breath
Each stem is bursting with tiny white blossoms on this summertime flower used as a filler for bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, and boutonierres. Although most florists carry it the whole year through, if you're thinking of doing your own flowers or want to choose from a local garden, baby's breath is in full bloom in the garden from May - August..

Receiving Flowers actually Makes us Feel Better

Flowers generally have a positive effect on us. If you have ever given or recieved flowers from someone the first response is usually a smile or an expression of appreciation. That’s why we buy flowers to celebrate all types of occassions - we want the recipient to feel good.

Researches from Rutgers University have discovered flowers also can have at lasting effect on us and can change our moods in a healthy and natural way. You can read the study here. They have also discovered that flowers can help senior citizens cope with the challenges of aging. (Better make a note, Grandparents Day is September 13th.)

The researchers have laid the scientifc foundation for what many of us already know. If this is news to you then you should look into this further - especially if you are looking to stay upbeat and positive

Sunday, June 21, 2009

5 Important Things about ordering Flowers Online

I came across this article on buy flowers online. It really hits it on the nose. These are very important tips and now that you know these important facts about online flower ordering let me say you have been learnt, and you should feel somewhat confident about looking up an online florist and researching all of the below information.

5 Things you should know about ordering flowers online

1. Check the company's website to see how it sends the flowers. Are they in a vase or are they boxed? "Flowers sent through a local florist typically arrive professionally designed in a vase or container, ready to be displayed," says Jennifer Sparks, vice president of marketing for the Society of American Florists. "Flowers sent through a grower or distribution center usually arrive in a box and must be set up by the recipient."

2. Beware of "order gatherers" -- companies that take orders through the Internet, pocket a commission and pass on the remaining money to a local florist to fill the order, says Amy Stewart, author of "Flower Confidential: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful in the Business of Flowers." "Consumers receive less than what they pay for and have little recourse for resolving problems. Order gatherers appear to be local but are based somewhere else. If in doubt, call them to find out." If you want to buy online but still support a local business, then try or B. Brooks Fine Flowers (, two online networks of local florists.

3. Select "green" flowers. Consider eco-friendly, organic, fair trade or VeriFlora-certified flowers. "Buying 'green' flowers is a great way to support better farming practices all over the world, and they're priced competitively," Stewart says. Find eco-friendly options at and

4. Compare prices. Find out how much will be added to the price for service charges, shipping or delivery and whether a vase is included in the price. "A good way to comparison shop is to find out how many stems you're getting, then calculate the price per stem," Stewart says. "Mixed bouquets and potted plants are good values, too."

5. Read the terms. Check the company's replacement or refund policy and freshness guarantee. Find out who will deliver the flowers -- a ground carrier such as FedEx or a floral shop employee. Provide the correct delivery address where the recipient can receive the flowers directly.

By Janet Reese , USA Weekly

Oh and dont forget to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS provide a phone number for yourself and the floral recipient and make sure it is correct. If possible provide cell numbers and work numbers too.

Send Flowers at 1-800-FLORALS

Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

It may be difficult to know what type of beautiful flowers to send. Choosing the type of sympathy flowers or Funeral Flowers
flower arrangement that you would like to send is going to depend a lot on your relationship with the deceased and their family. If you knew the deceased very well, chances are you would like to choose a flower arrangement that has a personal touch. If you knew the deceased favorite flower or flowers, you would then probably like to send a bouquet of that flower type. Or, maybe, you want to go with the theme of the deceased lifestyle. For instance, they may have been an avid outdoors person. You may then like to choose a Funeral Flowers
flower arrangement which incorporates twigs and natural outdoor materials. Here is also an opportunity to use some color in the flower arrangement by incorporating the deceased favorite color. A colorful flower arrangement can symbolize the deceased energy, love of life or vibrant personality.

When your in doubt , opt for all white , or creams and light green tones. Or speak with the florist and get them to give you a suggestion.

It is perfectly acceptable to send flowers to either the Funeral Flowers
home or the home of the family. It is also alright to send flowers up to a couple of weeks past the death as this indicates that you haven't forgotten and are still thinking about the person and share in the familie's grief

Sending Funeral Flowers
flowers as a group allows is a great idea, as it allows you to use the extra resources for something very special. Try to include all names on the card. If this is not possible use a group name and possible one contact person's name.

If the family has expressed a charitable donation, it is still alright to send flowers. Usually this is when you would send something smaller - flowers will not only add warmth to the service but provide visible emotional support to the family.

Whatever type of flower you decide it is the thought and the sentiment that counts, and your kind gesture of flowers is a very thoughtful gift especially if you can not make it to a service or memorial.

See Link below for sending flowers for sympathy, funeral , wake or memorial.

Funeral Flowers

flower delivery

Sending Flowers to Men

Ladies are no longer the only ones whom love receiving flowers. 60% of men surveyed by the Society of American Florists admitted that they would like to receive flowers on Valentines Day. Now, before you ring up an order of 99 red roses, follow this guide to choose a floral arrangement that even Mars the God of War would approve:

Think back to the times when you would love to receive flowers: on your birthday, on special anniversaries, during down times, after a job promotion… there you have it.
There are no hard and fast rules about what colours are appropriate for each gender but unless you are absolutely very sure that he is perfectly fine with pink and purple (even if he is absolutely secure about his masculinity, it is probably wise to add in several masculine-coloured blooms), stray away from effeminate colours like pastels, pinks and purples. There is no need to settle for the fail-safe blue, though. Choose, instead, flowers in strong, vivid and monochromatic hues like bright yellow, intense orange, fiery red and royal gold.
What types of flowers to you send to a man ?
Like women, just about any kind of flowers – roses, tulips, lilies, sunflowers, orchids etc – are bound to touch even an alpha male. But the kinds that really appeal to them are flowers that are “sturdy” and “full of personality” like the angular birds of paradise, anthuriums or orchids.
◦Floral Arrangement
Skip the fluffy big bouquets and head straight for the exotic, tropical or contemporary arrangements in linear or angular compositions. If this is your first time giving your man flowers, you can play it safe with a flower/plant dish that he can place on his desk at work or on his coffee table.
◦Personal Touches
Incorporating his hobbies and interests into his floral gift will definitely earn you brownie points. If your man is into automotive, add in a car magazine. If he is a soccer fan, choose flowers in his team's colours. If he is a game freak, insert a few video games that he had been hinting at. You get the idea.

Last but not least, When ordering from your florist for delivery to the man of your life, be sure to let them know its for a male. The designer will know not to add a pink or purple bow and to make the arrangement as masculine and exotic as possible.

Order Flowers Online

Tips for Sending Orchid Plants and Caring for ORchids

It is said that orchids bring good luck and prosperity
to those who welcome them into their homes.
Contrary to popular beleive they aren't the delicate, hard to grow plants some people think they are. Like other houseplants orchids only have a few basic needs, after all orchids have adapted to survive in most areas as "wild" plants.
Orchids make good office or corporate gifts too In these days of high technology, corporate boardrooms,
and mergers and acquisitions, there is nothing more powerful
in your d├ęcor statement or gift presentation than orchids

Light is the important factor to successfully raise and bloom orchids. You can usually judge how much light an Orchids
needs by watching the leaves. You want the leaves to be a light grass green. This shows that the plant has as much light as it can stand and is trying to protect itself from burning. If the leaves become very yellow, move the plant to more shade. If the leaves become dark emerald green, move the plant to more light. In order to bloom the plant needs light, but not too much. Natural light in a sunny East or South facing windows is best, they like bright indirect light. Harsh South or West windows may be too bright and hot.

Watering is the important thing to get right, and you shouldn't water them more than once a week. Most orchids in the wild grow on trees or other plants, and they get moisture from the air. An Orchids
should never be allowed to stand alone in water, you need to let water run or be sprayed over the roots and surrounding moss that is provided with your orchid. If the roots are white, firm, and fleshy with green tips the orchid is healthy. Overwatered orchids have few good roots, and many soggy, mushy, brown, dead ones. Most tolerate being dryer better than staying soggy, so don't over water, but don't let them completely dry out either.

Room temperate in most homes will be acceptable for growing orchids, anywhere between 55F at night and 80F during the day is best. Another thing to remember is that in their native environment nearly all plants are exposed to constant breezes. Orchids are no exceptions. Moving air will help them and cut down on disease problems. A small fan will quickly pay for itself by giving you better growing conditions.

Most orchids are epiphytes, they are air plants and won't grow in soil. The roots need to dry slightly between waterings. Your normal garden soil won't allow the roots to dry, so the best material to enable the roots to dry is moss. most orchids come potted in moss at your local florist.
Orchids are a beautiful and always appreciated gift.
.Enjoy Your Orchids

see Link below for Sending and ordering orchids online.


Tips for Tulips

Tulips are great ! However unless you are sending the tulips to a real tulip fan who know alot about taking care of them I would not recommend them for a flower delivery or gift. Did you know that tulips actually continue to grow after being cut? They do - up to an inch or more. They also tend to droop or curve down if they are placed in a vase, many people phone me at the flower shop and they think that their tulips are dead, or not fresh. This is generally untrue, its just that tulips are a different kind of flower, they have soft stems too. When properly cared for, cut fresh tulips should stay fresh in a vase of water for around seven days. For longer lasting tulips, you should recut the stems when you first get them home. About an inch is good.If any of your tulips start to droop, just use a pin to poke a hole beneath flower head -this will allow the air to escape and water to move up the stem. Whilst some people believe that adding a dash of carbonated lemon-lime soft drink, a teaspoon of sugar, or even a bit of bleach to the water will help to extend the life of your cut flowers, none of these remedies are nearly as effective as the commercial cut flower food.

Did you know also that when buying tulips, men preferred to buy (In order of preference) red, yellow, pale pink, hot pink, white, and purple tulips. Women however tended towards pale pink, pale purple, hot pink, peach, red, and yellow. Something perhaps to consider when buying a bouquet of tulips for your special friend!

Fall Bulbs

Tips for taking care of Roses

Tips and Tricks for taking care of your rose delivery.
I get several calls a day working in the flower shop , many people want to know
how to best take care of the cut roses they received.
Fresh Cut Roses

Immediately upon arrival, remove foliage which would be below water line in your arrangement. Avoid injuring stem bark.

Re-cut stems at an angle under water with sharp knife. Place roses in clean, deep container filled with warm water (100*F/38*C) and floral preservative. Condition roses for 2 to 4 hours in cool location.

To arrange, use a clean vase with ample water capacity. (Roses are thirsty flowers!) Keep vase full by adding water with floral preservative daily. If arranging foam is used, insert stems firmly. Keep foam saturated daily.

If a rose wilts, submit entire flower and stem in tub or tray of warm water (100*F/38*C) and straighten. Cut 2" from end of stem under water. Allow rose about 2 hours under water to revive. Another option: float the bloom in a bowl.

Display roses in cool location, out of direct sun; avoid excessive heat or cold.

KEY TIPS FOR SUCCESS: Re-cut stem ends under water. Keep vase full of water; use floral preservative. Dont allow folliage or leaves in the water. Keep in cool area.

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Tips for Ordering Flowers in the Internet

I often get people asking me about sending flowers on the internet so here are some tips that will help you pick the right floral website and hopefully avoid the bad ones and scams.
  1. Look for seasonal discount offers online. Many florists have a bargain section where great buys can be had. Choose a flower bouquet that has more greens or a mix of flowers for a larger looking bouquet.
  2. Check with the BBB to see if the florist is a legitamite florist and make sure they dont have to many complaints and if they do have complaints check to see if they have been resolved. Real florists are serious about making customers happy and want you to keep ordering flowers from them so will go the extra mile to resolve issues quickly
  3. Its a good idea to make sure that the florist you are ordering from is in the same city or a surrounding city as to where you want the flowers sent. This will usually avoid your order being forwarded from florist to florist.
  4. Phone the florists toll free number or local number and ask them if they recommend anything , or if they have any specials or discounts on fresh flowers. This helps because the florist knows what is freshest and they will also want to keep your sale so they will often offer you a discount or coupon to order from them. You can often get 5 dollars or 10 dollars off this way !
  5. Give as much detail about the flower delivery and any special instructions as you can . If there is a buzzer number provide it, make sure you provide a phone number for the recipient and for yourself, if it is a business then tell them it is a business as well as the hours the recipient works from.
  6. Always give a second choice ! - Sometimes the flowers you order are not available in specified color, the shipment doesnt come one time, or they simply are out of season. If you give the florist a second choice of flowers such as (if White orchids are not available please use white roses).

Hope these tips help for all you flower fans .

Say it with flowers