Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tips for taking care of Roses

Tips and Tricks for taking care of your rose delivery.
I get several calls a day working in the flower shop , many people want to know
how to best take care of the cut roses they received.
Fresh Cut Roses

Immediately upon arrival, remove foliage which would be below water line in your arrangement. Avoid injuring stem bark.

Re-cut stems at an angle under water with sharp knife. Place roses in clean, deep container filled with warm water (100*F/38*C) and floral preservative. Condition roses for 2 to 4 hours in cool location.

To arrange, use a clean vase with ample water capacity. (Roses are thirsty flowers!) Keep vase full by adding water with floral preservative daily. If arranging foam is used, insert stems firmly. Keep foam saturated daily.

If a rose wilts, submit entire flower and stem in tub or tray of warm water (100*F/38*C) and straighten. Cut 2" from end of stem under water. Allow rose about 2 hours under water to revive. Another option: float the bloom in a bowl.

Display roses in cool location, out of direct sun; avoid excessive heat or cold.

KEY TIPS FOR SUCCESS: Re-cut stem ends under water. Keep vase full of water; use floral preservative. Dont allow folliage or leaves in the water. Keep in cool area.

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