Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tips for Tulips

Tulips are great ! However unless you are sending the tulips to a real tulip fan who know alot about taking care of them I would not recommend them for a flower delivery or gift. Did you know that tulips actually continue to grow after being cut? They do - up to an inch or more. They also tend to droop or curve down if they are placed in a vase, many people phone me at the flower shop and they think that their tulips are dead, or not fresh. This is generally untrue, its just that tulips are a different kind of flower, they have soft stems too. When properly cared for, cut fresh tulips should stay fresh in a vase of water for around seven days. For longer lasting tulips, you should recut the stems when you first get them home. About an inch is good.If any of your tulips start to droop, just use a pin to poke a hole beneath flower head -this will allow the air to escape and water to move up the stem. Whilst some people believe that adding a dash of carbonated lemon-lime soft drink, a teaspoon of sugar, or even a bit of bleach to the water will help to extend the life of your cut flowers, none of these remedies are nearly as effective as the commercial cut flower food.

Did you know also that when buying tulips, men preferred to buy (In order of preference) red, yellow, pale pink, hot pink, white, and purple tulips. Women however tended towards pale pink, pale purple, hot pink, peach, red, and yellow. Something perhaps to consider when buying a bouquet of tulips for your special friend!

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