Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Present a Unique Flower Delivery

When ordering flowers the least thing you would want your bouquet to be is for it to look just like everyone else’s. Yet lack of time, a good old habit makes you select the same round arrangements of red roses for every occasion? Sticking with what works is a good point. But not when you want to impress, please or fascinate.

Thus a bouquet can consist of jus one sort of flowers – roses, lilac or tulips. The blooms can be any color and the arrangement itself might contain no decoration other that green leaves. “Florinda” is made of yellow calla lilies and bright juicy leaves, the same pattern is used for “Hydrangea” a bring combination of pink, rosy, purple and blue hydrangeas and “Caramel” deliciously pink roses surrounded by dark greenery.

Another “simple”, but impressive way to present a flower would be a mono-bouquet – a composition of just one flower decorated with some green leaves. Roses, calla lilies, orchids are proved to play great solos.

Flower arrangements can be very different in colors. Monochrome bouquets are full of harmony and are especially attractive if they are a combination of different species of the same tone. If you prefer elegant designs you will love our “Spring tulips”, “Versal” or “And could you…”. You can choose to go for a brave combination of colors – purple, white, yellow and red in “Spring bouquet”, pink and yellow in “Alexandra”, purple and yellow in “Debut”. You have to be careful with mixing bright colors as it might not always work out the way you expected. If plan to you enjoy the feast of colors it’s always better to trust the job to a professional florist, especially if you are thinking to use more than two colors for the flower arrangement.

Bouquets can differ in shapes greatly. Regular round-shaped arrangements are good, but not always the best. Lilac, lilies-of-the-valleys, tulips, mums don’t have to be tied up tightly. Moscow florists at often would let the blooms go loose revealing their natural beauty when they are placed in a vase. Sometimes the shape of the flower or the green leaves would require certain shape of the arrangement which will make them look even more appealing. “My queen”, “Samba”, “Valley of the bees” and “Bumble-bee’s flight” are good examples of this type arrangement. If you are looking for a business bouquet, we would recommend simple linear shaped ones, you can choose from “Still life”, “Podium”, “Milky way” or “Protea”.

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