Sunday, June 21, 2009

Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

It may be difficult to know what type of beautiful flowers to send. Choosing the type of sympathy flowers or Funeral Flowers
flower arrangement that you would like to send is going to depend a lot on your relationship with the deceased and their family. If you knew the deceased very well, chances are you would like to choose a flower arrangement that has a personal touch. If you knew the deceased favorite flower or flowers, you would then probably like to send a bouquet of that flower type. Or, maybe, you want to go with the theme of the deceased lifestyle. For instance, they may have been an avid outdoors person. You may then like to choose a Funeral Flowers
flower arrangement which incorporates twigs and natural outdoor materials. Here is also an opportunity to use some color in the flower arrangement by incorporating the deceased favorite color. A colorful flower arrangement can symbolize the deceased energy, love of life or vibrant personality.

When your in doubt , opt for all white , or creams and light green tones. Or speak with the florist and get them to give you a suggestion.

It is perfectly acceptable to send flowers to either the Funeral Flowers
home or the home of the family. It is also alright to send flowers up to a couple of weeks past the death as this indicates that you haven't forgotten and are still thinking about the person and share in the familie's grief

Sending Funeral Flowers
flowers as a group allows is a great idea, as it allows you to use the extra resources for something very special. Try to include all names on the card. If this is not possible use a group name and possible one contact person's name.

If the family has expressed a charitable donation, it is still alright to send flowers. Usually this is when you would send something smaller - flowers will not only add warmth to the service but provide visible emotional support to the family.

Whatever type of flower you decide it is the thought and the sentiment that counts, and your kind gesture of flowers is a very thoughtful gift especially if you can not make it to a service or memorial.

See Link below for sending flowers for sympathy, funeral , wake or memorial.

Funeral Flowers

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